Editing a Page

There are two ways to edit a page. Visit any of your pages(while logged in) and you'll see a black toolbar at the top with some options.

  1. Live Editor - Best for quick text, image or icon changes.
  2. Design Editor - This is our advanced editor. Best if you want to add sections, add new modules, move them around or delete them.

Live Editor

When you click on Live Editor, blue dashed lines will appear on editable elements on the page. Click inside to edit or click on an image/icon to replace.

When you want to save your changes click on Done, then Publish. If you want to cancel your changes, click on Done, then Discard.

Design Editor

When you click on Design Editor, you enter the page builder view and you'll get a white bar at the top of the page.

+ Button = Add page building content
Done Button = Discard, Save Draft, and Publish

Content Rows

Rows and columns are automatically created as you drag and drop modules into the content panel in a new or existing row.

Existing Row

In some cases, when you add a module to an existing row it may change the appearance or placement of the row. If you do not like how it looks just remove the module.

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