User Guide - Personal Branding Workbook

Thank you for downloading the workbook! 

There are several ways to experience the workbook:

  1. iPad (Paper app)
  2. iPad (Goodnotes or other PDF markup apps)
  3. Print

I've included guides for each one. I personally use the workbook on an iPad. I like the experience and because it’s digital, you can duplicate the workbook for another site you create, edit/delete written content, and quickly duplicate pages if you need more.

However, I love paper too and I've included a print-optimized PDF file. 

Recommended apps for iPad

Paper App Guide (iPad)

How to import your workbook into Paper App by We Transfer.

Using your iPad, you can import your workbook using the  Here are steps to do just that.

1. Download Link to Files app

From your iPad, enter the download link in your web browser and tap on the download icon and confirm.

2. Extract ZIP in Files App

Open Files app on iPad and navigate to Downloads. Find the ZIP named and tap on it. Tap on JPG folder.

3. Save pages to Photo Library

Once in the folder, select all images and tap Share. Scroll down and tap Save Images to save to photos.

4. Import to Paper App

Create a new journal, tap on the ••• icon and select Import Images. Select all images (except the cover) at the same time and tap add.

5. Add Cover

To add cover, tap on settings icon on the top right of the outside of the journal. Tap on Cover Image and select cover image. Next select Cover Band color to match.

Note: This is a premium Paper app Feature

Tip: Re-arrange pages

Sometimes you’ll want to re-arrange pages. To do this, you’ll need to tap on the Grid View icon inside a journal. Then you can tap & hold to move pages around.

Goodnotes Guide (iPad)

How to import your workbook into Goodnotes 5

1. Download Link to Files app

From your iPad, enter the download link in your web browser and tap on the download icon.

2. Open in Goodnotes

Tap on Share icon and scroll down to Open in Goodnotes. (make sure Goodnotes is installed.)

3. Import to Goodnotes

Once Goodnotes opens, tap on Import as New Document.

4. Goodnotes

The PDF will be imported and be ready for use! You can navigate the workbook using 2 fingers.

Print Guide

A few notes on printing your workbook

With the print version, you can print with regular sheets of letter-sized paper or even fold them to create a booklet. Your options may vary depending on your printer. Below are the recommended print settings.

Download the PDF print version of the workbook using the links you get upon purchase.

Optimal Print Settings

  • 8.5 in x 11 in Letter
  • Print Quality: High/Best
  • Make sure to print Borderless (aka No-Border, No Bleed, Scale 100%)
  • Double-Sided Printing Ok
  • Each sheet contains 2 pages
  • Orientation: Landscape (not portrait)

Need Help?

Please note that various computers and printers may show color/layout differently. I suggest you print 1 or 2 pages to test and get it right. Printing should not have a border or be scaled down or it will print with extra “space” around the edges. The border width should match what’s on-screen in the PDF.

Feel free to send me a message or email me at

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