How to Edit Your Logo

To edit your logo, navigate to the Customizer. The Customizer is where you edit global content on your site. 

Dashboard → Appearance → Customizer OR from any front-end page in the toolbar Tools → Customize Site

Then navigate to Header & Logo → Logo

Type in your name if you want to use just text (best if you're just starting out).

Using an image

To upload an image, select Logo Type → Image. Then click to upload an image. We recommend 130 X 40 pixels.

Note: Upload a retina image if you want your logo to be clear on high-resolution displays like iPhones, 4k displays, Macbooks, etc. Retina images are typically the same exact image, just twice the pixel size. For example,  standard: 130px X 40px retina: 260px X 80px.

Editing Logo in Footer

To edit the logo in the footer. We recommend you use an image here.

  • Dashboard → Appearance → Customize→ Widgets
  • Edit Footer Column 1
  • If you don't have a logo, you can update the text. If you do, remove text widget and add "Image" widget, and upload logo

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