Getting Started

Welcome to Basepage! We're glad you're here.

Let's start setting up your site! Remember, we have a ton of resources to help you get up and running. You can always click the little help icon on the bottom right of your screen to search our help docs or send us a question.

Editing Your Site

There are 3 main ways to edit your site:

Live Editor - (for pages)
This is handy for quick edits text and image edits on any page.

Design Editor - (for pages)
This one if for more layout changes, adding sections, or elements like buttons etc. It's a little more advanced

Customizer - (for overall theme)
The customizer has all your global website appearance settings. Pretty much everything that is not a page, like your header, logo, hooter, overall text and button colors, etc.

This should help get around the site and know where to go if you need to quickly edit something, whether it's something on a page or overall theme.

Use the Templates as a guide

Use the templates as a guide to structure your content. Replace the text, add your images and tweak it to fit your business.

It Doesn't Have to be "Done"

Sometimes people get stuck thinking their website has to be perfect before it's launched. Don't get stuck waiting till it's perfect. Take the next 24hours and make the best possible website you can. You can always tweak and add/remove things as your business grows.

Getting Started Quickly

Here are a few things to do to get started quickly:

  1. Add Your Logo
  2. Editing Your Pages
  3. Adjusting Your Menu
  4. Connect Your Domain

If You Need Help

If you need help, click the little help icon on the bottom right of your screen to search the help center. Or if you're still stuck, you can also send us a message or email

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