Adjusting Your Menu

Before you launch your site, make sure your menu is the way you'd like it. Your menu is visible on all your pages; making it important for navigation around your site. For best user experience and effectiveness, we recommend 3-5 main menu items.

How to edit menu items on your website 

  1. On any of your pages toolbar → Tools → Edit Site → Menu 
  2. Select the menu you want to edit (in most cases it's Main Menu)
  3. Move around and add items

You can also edit menus via Dashboard → Appearance → Customize → Menu 

Adding a Page to Your Menu

In order to be able to add a page item to your menu, the page should be published. Our templates come with 7 pages included, but only 4 page items are visible on the navigation menu. You can choose which pages to keep and which to remove.

  1. Appearance → Customize → Menu 
  2. Select the menu you want to edit
  3. Add New → Pages
  4. Choose Page (+)
  5. Publish

Adding a Custom Link to Your Menu

Link to any url including an external site

  1. Appearance → Customize → Menu
  2. Select the menu you want to edit
  3. Add Item → Custom Link
  4. Add Url → Add Link Text
  5. Add to menu
  6. Publish

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